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Early Halloween + Thanks

    One of the fun things about being in my own house is being able to decorate for the holidays.  That's why I've been a bit eager for Halloween this year.  In addition to being my birthday, it really is the most fun holiday with the most fun decorative possibilities.   Today  I created a little tableau on my entry table with candy-filled apothecary jars and a variety of creatures painted glossy black.  I also couldn't help adding a bit of sparkle with some glitter-covered pumpkins!

    This owl is a real cutie!  I found him at Marshall's/Home Goods and was planning to paint his aqua before giving him a home in my guest bedroom. But first I figured he could take a gothic turn and lend a spooky vibe to the Halloween set-up.

    The skull is actually a coffee mug that was originally a creamy white.  He looks much more menacing in black, but the purple and green flowers give him a touch of whimsy.  The shell balls in the compote are from Roost, and again were originally white. I keep the spray paint companies in business!

    I still need to add rat silhouettes and maybe a spider web-like tablecloth.  Then hopefully later in the month I will have a party and turn this into a full-fledged dessert table.  I'm going to add tall vases on either end of with black branches and tiered cake plates with all kinds of yummy goodies!  In which case, more photos to come...  

    And while I'm here I also want to send out a special thank you to Jessica over at The Homebound for featuring Peacock Feathers in one of her posts!  She has a great blog herself and it is totally worth checking out!

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