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Jewelry Display + House Update

    I recently came upon this lovely glass-sided curio box (at a Philly shop called Open House) and thought it would be a perfect home for some of my more display-worthy jewelry.  I haven't had a chance to style it yet, but my plan is to create a little scene with a tree branch for holding necklaces and earrings.  I'm also thinking about giving it a coat of paint.  It kind of looks like a pagoda to me, so I'm thinking a vibrant, glossy blue or green might be nice.

    Here's a shot with the door open...

    Part of the reason for getting the jewelry curio is that I've been trying to do some decorating in the master bedroom.  I've neglected this space for the most part, mainly because we really need one place in the house to pile things and be messy.  The visual clutter is officially stressing me out though, hence the improvements.  

    Here's my new picture wall which is situated across from the bed:

    The shadow box with the brass keys was a $5 find at the flea market this past weekend. Meanwhile, here's a current view of the bed area, with little Roxie snoozing at the foot of the bed:

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