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Obama Style

    Jezebel recently mentioned a new blog called Mrs. O, which follows the sartorial choices of Michelle Obama on the campaign trail. It's fantastic!   They follow her day to day looks and reveal what designers she is wearing.

    Putting aside Mrs. Obama's significant intellect and career accomplishments for a moment, I have to say that I'm also a big fan of her style. She is chic, but in a very attainable, down to earth way. There's is nothing plastic or overly done-up about her - she is simply a stylish woman who knows how to mix designs by H&M and J.Crew with more expensive, cutting edge pieces by designers such as Thakoon or Narciso Rodriguez, all the while imparting her own personal touch. I appreciate her choices of color, pattern, and playful ornamentation (fun, feathered brooches, multicolored J.Crew flats) and so do the writers over at Mrs. O.  Check it out if you have a moment, and don't forget to vote next Tuesday!

    Check out how she's managed to take the expected pearl necklace 
    and make it interesting!

    (Top image of Senator and Mrs. Obama - in a dress by Thakoon - via Mrs. O; bottom image via GQ)

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