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Holiday Party Success

    My fella and I managed to pull off a pretty great holiday cocktail party the other night!  Our 13 guests just barely fit into our tiny first floor living area, but it made for a festive and cozy evening.  We loved being able to have our friends and family over to celebrate the season and hope we can do it again next year!  Here are some photos, before and during....

    Leopard-print stool holding takeout containers with Thai noodle salad

    Festive chopsticks (10 sets for $1) are my favorite detail...

    The flower arrangement is simply one head of hydrangea with a couple berry stems poked in.  And another fantastic Chinatown find: the black Chinoiserie-patterned soup spoons...

    Here they are filled with spicy tuna tartare (yes, Kevin and I made all the food!)

    Cheese and dip display on the coffee table

    A beauty shot of our pears and camembert (my friend Ingrid really needs to think about becoming a food photographer...this looks like something off of Tastespotting!)

    The bar setup, pre-party

    We moved our dining table out of the room for space purposes and created this little seating area.  Aren't pink poinsettias so pretty?!

    The tree...

    And finally, the happy (and relieved!) couple

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