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Bedroom Changes, Part 2

    Lately I've been making some small additions to the dresser area of my master bedroom. The big owly is from the sale room at Anthropologie and I believe he's meant to be a flower pot as he has a huge opening in the back and a little tray underneath. Isn't he cute?

    The Adler peace sign hand is a miniature version of this one, and was found at the Matthew Izzo sale I referenced last week. I think it's super-groovy.

    Meanwhile, the clutch purses are a small sampling of a rather large collection I have of the vintage variety (the exception is the beaded ikat one by Moyna). More on this another day...

    The other day I found a very cool bamboo-framed mirror at my favorite old furniture resale shop, Uhuru. We had been needing something bigger for the dresser, and this Hollywood Regency-feeling piece was the perfect solution. Not to mention it was already painted white, which meant no need to spray paint.

    Finally, I got around to hanging some new prints that were gifted to me at Christmas. The goat photos are by Sharon Montrose, and they make me laugh every day.

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