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                                        Day 2: My Craft Space

    I love my little office/guest bedroom/craft room.  Since it is so very small, I've tried to come up with interesting ways to store my various supplies. I love glass jars, and think they look so pretty filled with ribbons, glitter and thread. Mine are arranged on the dresser, a place which in addition to holding towels and off-season clothing, serves as an area to corral my craft materials. I think it is inspiring to see these things out in the open, instead of having to dig through storage boxes. Inexpensive mason jars can be found at Michael's or Ikea, but I like to salvage spaghetti sauce and pickle jars by running them through the dishwasher, peeling off the old label, and giving the lid a coat of bright, glossy white paint.

    This classic Ikea hold-all is a real workhorse. It keeps my most-often-used craft supplies at close reach, from glue gun to fisherman's line to fabric scraps. More spools of ribbon find a home in a milk glass pedestal dish.

    The bright and playful fabric scraps are from my favorite sewing shop in Philadelphia, Spool. I'm using them for an announcement mailing that I have going out soon...

    A view from the doorway: I don't sew clothing, but I like having a dress form for displaying my favorite pieces. The sequined shift is by Vera Wang.  And the adorable birdcage coat hook is an Oh Joy! design from Urban Outfitters.

    And wrapping and craft papers are stored in this fantastically minimal, glossy-white trash can from The Container Store....

    Tonight is spaghetti night, so I'll have more jars to work with soon! Meanwhile, how do store your craft supplies?

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