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Hello, 2009!

    Greetings and Happy New Year, from myself and my new friend, Galaxy Space Commander! 

    I really do hope you all had a fun and festive holiday. Personally, it was lovely taking a few days to relax and spend time with my awesome boyfriend. NYE itself featured margaritas at Cantina Los Caballitos with a few close friends, followed by a weekend of football watching and hanging out at the Jersey Shore. While there, Kevin and I did a bit of furniture shopping and came home with a new/old bookshelf for the living room, but sadly no coffee table. The space-age glass juice bottle was discovered at the same antiques store, and is a happy addition to my desk.

    As for 2009, I wish you all much happiness and success in your endeavors. And I thank you for reading my little blog! My goal is to make it even better this year and to hopefully add some new, regular features. And I'm involved in another new blog project which is currently in the works - more on that soon!

    Finally, a p.s. that Peacock Feathers is now on Facebook....

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