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Envelope Lining Project

    As I sign off for the weekend, I leave you with a little project in case you are feeling crafty or have some Valentines to get in the mail.

    Earlier in the week I shared with you my newly mailed business announcements, which included hand-lined envelopes of my doing. I've had a few people request that I show how it was done, so here goes...

    In step 1, I made a template by tracing an outline of my envelope onto stiff black card stock using a pencil.
    In Step 2, you want to make sure your template is slightly smaller than the actual envelope so it fits inside. I trimmed about 1/8 inch from the sides and approximately 1/2 inch from the top. You can just eye it, as I did, or use a ruler for a more exact guide.

    For Step 3, trace an outline of the template onto the back of the paper you have chosen to use. Here I am using inexpensive gift wrap from Ikea. Be careful to trace lightly using a pencil so as not to damage the paper or have the lines show through.

    Carefully cut out the template outline, using a sharp pair of scissors or an exacto knife if you prefer.

    Next, carefully slip your freshly cut lining into the envelope. Make sure your pattern is lined up evenly and that the paper is centered as well...

    Then glue down the part that covers the flap using a white glue stick. There is no need to glue the lower half as the envelope itself holds the lining in smoothly.

    Finally, insert your invitation, letter or announcement, and then off it goes to the mailbox! I admit, this is a project that requires a bit of time, but thankfully you only have to make the template once, and it's definitely easy especially once you get into a groove. Good luck with your own projects, and let me know how you fare!

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