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Some Young Punks Winery

    This one is for the fellas...

    I'm not in the habit of buying wine based upon the label design, but as I was shopping the other day my eye couldn't help but be drawn to the fun, pulp-comic labels on these bottles from Australia's Some Young Punks Winery. As soon as I saw "The Squid's Fist," a Sangiovese-Shiraz, I knew my guy Kevin would flip. And I was right, he totally did. Wouldn't this make a great gift for your favorite comic nut/amateur oenologist?!

    The labels were designed by Israeli illustrator and comic book artist, Asaf Hanuka. (Interestingly, Hanuka also contributed art for the Academy Award-nominated documentary, "Waltz with Bashir," which is currently making the art-house rounds.) Prints of some of his work ("Squid" included) can be purchased here... Another nice gift idea, don't you think?

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