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Beach Towels as Art

    ... or, more appropriately, art as beach towels. These super stylish beach towels come to us from the Art Production Fund's Works on Whatever (WOW) project. I featured a few of the 2007 selections, by artists such as Elizabeth Peyton and Kehinde Wiley, here on Peacock Feathers last year. The new towels are adorned with beautiful and bold works by acclaimed contemporary artists Raymond Pettibon and Julian Schabel. At $50, they are a splurge if you are accustomed to picking up a couple striped numbers at Target or Old Navy. But compared to a luxe version from Missoni or Hermes, they are a complete steal! Not to mention they are huge, measuring 60x70 inches. A great gift for the art lover/sun worshipper in your life.
    My favorite (from the 2007 series)... by Jeff Koons

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