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Get the Look: Loose Waves

    As Promised...
    The infamous loose wave that I’m asked for atleast 3 times a day! Okay ladies, here’s the trick for at home!
    Step One: Have yourself a nice hot shower after your dinner!
    Step Two: Towel dry your locks.
    Step Three: Take your brush/comb and toss it in a drawer!
    Step Four: Spray your roots with Osis GLAMOUR QUEEN! This stuff will amaze you!
    Step Five: Finger comb your hair (from mid-shaft to ends) with BUFF - also Osis! (Use a loonie size amount)
    Step Six: Check your facebook, watch the bachelor, call your best friend. Ie. Let your hair dry naturally until it’s just damp!   
    Step Seven: When you’re ready to tuck yourself into bed take 2 minutes section your hair into 4 quadrants. Loosely twist each section and pin them into loose buns!
    Step Eight: Get yourself some sweet shut eye!
    Step Nine: Rise and Shine, plus the pins out, and finger comb your dry hair.
    Step Ten: Perfect the look by touching up a strand here and there by twisting it around a flat iron or large barrel curling iron! NOTE: Always curl AWAY from the face! Add some DUST IT (Osis again!) at the root, toss your head upside down, spray all over with more GLAMOUR QUEEN.... Scrunch with your hands, flip over and TADDA!!! You have tousled loose waves like all of the celebs!

    Can't wait to watch the Grammy's and discuss the pretty hair and makeup trends! 
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