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Avitar, Family and Spring Trend Shopping

    Back to work I go... but here's and update on my weekend! Xo

    After 2 straight weekends of partying I needed a BREAK! I feel OLD :(

    I had an awesome day at work on Saturday, LOVE my clients! Afterward, I met up with my brother to hang out! It seems when we are together, we revert right back to the way we were as kids! It's fun to be able to laugh and be ridiculous together! After an hour or so, of us being total goofs, we straightened ourselves out, to meet up with our significant others, and our Mom and Dad (who were in from out of town) for a bite to eat, and to see Avitar!

    WOW! I am sure I don't need to go on about Avitar, as I think I was officially the last person in North America to see it!

    (Pic: Me, My Big Brother and my kittie Tye!)
    Sunday, I slept in - much needed - and then went for a stroll in my neighbourhood to check out the Spring Trends in some of the amazingly cute, independent boutiques near by!

    Trends this season:

    • Shirt Dresses with Wicked Heals!
    • Florals and Denim (I'm not talking the standard JEANS, I'm talking jackets, shirts, shorts, skirts and hats!)
      - and -

      • Military Styles, sharply cut, structured pieces.
        I won't need to do TOO much shopping this season! Most of the looks, I can get from what I have in my wardrobe from years past! *I keep everything, styles always come back!

        The only thing I'm missing are some floral pieces to add into the mix! While I was on my walk I scouted some great items at Honey and Sense of Independence! I started with a great accessory! The runway shows were show-casing MULTI strand necklace! Take a look at my new purchase! How cute would it look with a floral top, a pair of boyfriend jean shorts and nude heals? Put a little boho wave in the hair, and a soft sweep of bronzer on the cheeks... Ahhhh what a cute little look!

        Happy Shopping Ladies! Xo

        P.S. This Necklace comes in gold too! So pretty, the heart is a locket, designed by a Canadian and it was a great price! You should check out Sense of Independence on Eglinton!

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