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Day 3 of Hair Science

    Continued from yesterday....

    So, I had succeeded in training my hair to produce less oil and therefore was able to go a day or 2 between Shampooing! Hurray!
    I knew that my PH balance had leveled out because I my scalp wasn't producing as much oil and grease! BUT my bottle of Shampoo was empty...


    I chose to switch shampoos to Schwarzkopf's BlondMe Reflective Luminosity Shampoo!

    *Most professional shampoos do have a balanced PH level, so once your scalp is balanced you should be safe to switch to ANY of Schwarzkopf's Shampoos! I'm going to try their NEW VOLUME Shampoo and Conditioner next. 

     Here's my hair schedule and how I make one Shampoo last 4 days!
    Day 1: Shampoo and condition hair in the shower - towel dry hair - Apply BUFF to the mid shafts and ends and spray all over with GLAMOUR QUEEN - Go to bed with hair wet! *By NOT blow drying your hair from WET to DRY you are saving it the stress of direct heat!

    Day 2: Wake up with hair a MESS! Blow dry the roots (whether they are wet or dry) to fluff up the hair - add another light spray of GLAMOUR QUEEN! Then I enhance my natural shape. Ex. If my hair is mostly straight that day I touch up the few strands that have a wave with a flat iron. If my hair has a nice wave to it, I enhance it by curling a few locks with a similar sized curling iron. If it's a complete mess, I brush it out and curl the entire head!

    Day 3: Brush out my hair, weather it is straight or curly - add DUST IT (Dust It helps me go the exta couple of days by mattifying my hair! The texture feels weird but it definitely does the trick and looks wicked - it adds volume too) and another spray of GLAMOUR QUEEN - touch up any funny pieces from your slumber with a curling iron or flat iron, shake it out and go.

    Day 4: Brush threw, toss head upside down - shake with your hands, flip over and smooth out. Add a small amount of MOROCCAN OIL to the ends - pin a few pieces back and go!

    Day 5: WASH! I do 2 shampoo's and conditioner and start over again!
    I hope you try training your hair! Let me know how it works out!
    All of the products that I use are available at LIFT and are relatively low in $$$,  call 416-960-5438 to get them!

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