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I'm seeing signs of aging in my 20's, are you?

    I love my busy life of Owning and Operating a Boutique/Salon, Writing a beauty Blog, Keeping fit, Shopping and having a social life!
    However, the past 4 years of this BUSY, BUSY life style have definitely paid a toll on my skin - WRINKLES!

    As most of you are aware I recently celebrated my 25th Birthday! At the age of 25, is it normal to have deep wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes?

    Lift Cosmetics has a Line of Alpha Hyrdroxy Skin Care but we haven't yet come out with an Eye Cream...
    *For the past 2 years I have been using Lancome's 'Primordiale Eye,' I really liked it, and thought it was working well, but eventually I developed some sort of allergy to the product - It was causing some serious stinging and major redness - RED FLAG! I stopped using it immediately and started a hunt for something new!

    I was sent a new Product called "Firm" to sample...
    *It is an Oil-Free, Face & Eye Serum!

    Here's what I looked like before use - no make-up! (YUCK)

    Here's what I looked like after 1 week of use....

    I can see a HUGE improvement in the colour and wrinkles in such a short period of use! I can't wait to see how I'm looking after a month of using "FIRM." After 2-4 Months I should see major changes, "firmer, smoother, and more radiant" skin.

    *Dark Under eye circles due to:
    A) Overproduction of melanin (the same pigment in your hair shaft) - hereditary
    B) Poor blood circulation & the break down of the capillary walls
    C) Gathering of Blood & inflammation under the eyes 
    D) Thinning of the skin under the eyes. 
    *Wrinkles due to : 
    A) Aging
    B) Sun damage
    C) Poor elasticity. 
    *Puffiness due to:
    A) Fluid trapped under the eye - usually worst in the morning! It is temporary and can be caused by alcohol, salty foods or tears the night before.

    What do you use?? Would you be interested in Trying this Product?  
    I'm thinking about bringing it to the Lift Shelves...
    Let me know!

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