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Love that Dewy Look! But Can You pull it off with problematic Skin?

    Since the early Age of 13 I have been cursed with the plague of BAD skin!
    I remember my 2 childhood BFF's and I obsessing over our skin DAILY!
    It seems they have both grown out of it, but I still have problematic areas on my face.

    For the past 12 years I have been using pressed powder to cover my blemishes and even out my skin tone! I have been faithful to my powder but have always been jealous of those girls with a DEWY-GLOWING finish to their skin!
     Hayden Panettiere is one of the many celebs who's been wearing her make-up with a dewy finish! How Gorgeous!!
    The Dew makes the skin look so healthy and moist, I figured because of my problematic T-Zone, I would never be able to rock the dewy look! 

    That was, Until Last Week...

    I believe it was early on a Wednesday morning when in a rush to get to work I dropped my precious pressed powder on my hardwood floor! It shattered EVERYWHERE!!!

    Not only was I upset about having to clean up the floor, but I kinda panicked about having to leave the house with my blemished skin EXPOSED!

    It was then, that I started hunting threw my make-up stash in hopes of finding some sort of remedy for my problem! 

    I found a LIFT Cosmetics' Flawless Finish Compact! I know my fellow Lift Beauty Girl; Lauren uses the product daily and our clients RAVE about it, but to be honest I personally never gave it a shot because I was dedicated to our Duo Powder.

    Our Flawless Finish is a cream foundation with a bunch of benefits:
    It's a 3 in one - conceals, blends like a foundation, and sets itself with a glowing finish - Not only does it make your skin look healthy and glowy, but it has antioxidants in it, so its good for your skin!

    Okay, I used the "FF" all over my face and felt totally fresh and glowy for the first time EVER! So exciting. My road kill powder compact had a tiny remnant of DUO so I figured I would use it to set my problem area (my t-zone) and my eyelids. I finished my cheeks, lips and eyes and went to work feeling fresh and looking DEWY!!

    Each client that walked threw the door made a different comment all pertaining to how "healthy" and "bright" I looked! Great day for my confidence!!! I haven't gone back - FF, I love the Glow you give me!

    *Read tomorrow's posts to get MORE tips and tricks on how to get that "Dewy look without having to use tons of bronzer and shimmer! Lets keep it looking natural for summer.

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