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My Easter...

    The consumption of Chocolate over the Easter Long week-end MUST be insane!
    I don't even celebrate Easter, but I was definitely craving chocolate because everyone around me was scarfing it down!

    I remember when I was little, I was pretty much the only kid in my class who didn't celebrate this fun holiday... I loved painting Easter Eggs and hunting for chocolate Bunny's.. Mmmmm Yum at school with all of my friends! I was always jealous that the other kids got to do it all over again at home with their parents!
    So, this year I decided to bring those memories back by embracing the Easter Holiday through Beauty!

    Why Paint Eggs when You can Paint your Nails???

    Over the Easter Weekend these were the popular colour choices at Lift Beauty Boutique!

    Left to Right
    Basket Case . Life's a Peach . Blue Collar . Hook Up 
    I've got Basket Case on my nails! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    What do you think?
    Would you wear any of these crazy colours?

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