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Tuesday Eye Candy: My Latest Project

    Want to see something cute? Actually, two "something cute"s...


    These kitty babies have been my latest project for the past 5 weeks. Their mama, Maude, was a stray that I took in for the snowy winter. Little did I know that she was pregnant, and one day I walked in to find her snuggled in the closet with her litter of kittens. Very sadly, Miss Maude died a few days after the delivery, but lucky for us she left us with these two adorable little critters. I've really had my hands full since then - bottle feeding at all hours, etc, etc - but now they are old enough to take care of themselves to some extent, which means I get to enjoy them even more. They've been coming to the office with me every day... you can see them hanging out on my desk here! The brown tabby is Mabel and her sister with the white fur is Maude Jr, or Maudsie, after her mama. I haven't been blogging much lately, and Mabel and Maude are partially why. (Oh, and also my crazy work schedule and the upcoming wedding...) Anyway, enjoy the cuteness!

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