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The Bride Herself!

    The Bride!
    Here is how to get the Disney Princess bridal look.

    Emily has gone over all over the amazing looks she created for all my favourite girls (herself included ) but who better to describe the bridal look than the bride herself!?!

    I told Emily she could do whatever she wanted and I knew I would love it, and that most certainly came true. No matter what she did with my hair if she likes it I KNOW I will; I have complete trust. So I wasn’t worried at all about showing her pictures of what I wanted or trying to explain my look because she just knows me! I am a lover of all things Disney (especially Cinderella) and had the castle venue and the ball gown -- what next but the PERFECT princess bun.

    Here is what Emily did... She asked me to smooth out my hair with a blow dryer the night before so it wasn’t frizzy. No prob! I loaded up my strands with Moroccan Oil and Osis Buff to condition my hair and help hold the smooth style. I used a round brush to get my locks frizz free. On the day of... the first thing Em did was spray my hair with some Glamour Queen and sprinkled in some Dust-it to get volume! Then she pulled my hair up into a high pony tail and use her hands to soften it at the scalp so there was some shape (I don't like a SLEEK pony). She knew I wanted the bun to look FLAWLESS, and it needed to have height and DRAMA! Thought my hair is long and THICK, Emily thought she would garuntee perfection by using the aid of STUFFING! Using some magical doughnuts (as I call them) she placed them around the pony tail stacked to create lots of volume. Yay! Then she took my hair and smoothed it over and around the doughnuts to create this flawless magic bun with tons of height! It was time to seal with lots of Sessions Hairspray. Did I love it? OF COURSE! I knew I would, it was the perfect ‘do for me! Then I felt just like a real princess as she placed my Tiara on the top of my head around the bun.

    To complete my look I had to have those big Disney princess eyes and Joy was up to the task! Using Lift Cosmetics she evened out my skin with Flawless Finish Lite-n-Sweet and then brightened my cheeks with Temptress blush. Adding lots of glow with Stardust shimmer powder to highlight my skin and eyes she then smoked them out with Taupe and Black Magic eye shadows and some Onyx Eyeliner.  We went big with a full set of lashes and finished my princess look off with Flirt Mineral Vanilla Bean Lipstick and a touch of Mint Sugar Plum Gloss.

    My look was perfect for me, and of course Emily knows me so well she would have no problem at all creating a look that made me feel my best on such a big day. A BIG THANKS to Joy and Emily for making us all look and feel so beautiful that day!

    Wanna try my look? We carry all the products used in our store! Mention this post and you can get 15% any of the products we used for my big day! Call Lift Beauty Boutique to book us for your special day at 416-960-5438.

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