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Hair in France... I wanna bring all of their Style HOME!

    As promised I am back! (It’s Lauren again is what I mean) I have more French beauty styles to share with you from my honeymoon! I have already told you about the very glam French makeup trends I followed in Paris now let’s move on to hair!

    Between strolling along the streets in Paris and boat rides along the Seine I noticed those Parisian Ladies have some gorgeous hair. It just looks effortless and truly chic. 

    My goal was to NOT LOOK LIKE A TOURIST, blend in as much as possible obviously I had to try and copy their looks.

    There were two looks that stood out to me to be true Parisian trends. The first is so simple, yet so effective. Easy to create but very beautiful and touchable! The ladies with their hair down had it soft and smooth (not frizzy) but very windblown and it didn’t look as though it had been curled or straightened. To get this look I let my hair dry naturally with tons of Moroccan Oil in it to keep it smooth (my hair is naturally quite large and frizzy) and a spraying of Glamour Queen to give volume. Once it was dry (the next morning) I took my Amika Iron with the 3 different sized curling wands (LOVE THIS IRON) and set it up with the largest size Iron. Let’s just say I am so glad I brought a power adapter to make this iron work in Paris cause I would have been a fuzzy mess without it! I touched up the funny looking pieces by wrapping them around the iron to smooth them out and immediately shook my hair out not leaving time for any curl to set. Sprinkled in some Dust it and gave my hair another shake and voila! I had soft windblown hair after just a few minutes!

    The other trend I saw with hair over in Paris was a very high, very messy bun. I loved this look. It took two minutes in the morning and it reminded me of a messy, day version of my glamorous wedding hair!

    I knew how to create this look from tips I had gotten from Emily over our time working together. Got to love having a Best Friend who can teach you amazing hair tricks! What I would do was spray my hair with Glamour Queen and sprinkle Dust It on the roots for volume! Then I would pull my hair up into I high ponytail on the top of my head. I would tease the hair in the ponytail and then just throw bobby pins in it randomly to secure it. It was fool proof, I couldn’t mess it up and I felt like I fit right in with those chic Parisian girls!

    We were off to the French Rivera next! So make sure to read our blog next time to hear about the easy summer looks I created abroad!

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