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Hot, sweaty hair! How to avoid having to shampoo SO frequently in the summer!

    I've been sucked into the wedding vortex!!! Ack!
    I have to apologize, it seems for the past month our posts have been related to NOTHING OTHER THAN WEDDINGS!
    'Tis the season right? I'm finding it hard to focus on anything other than bridal simply because everyone around me, friends, family and clients are planning weddings!
    Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for all of these people and I LOVE doing bridal hair and make-up, in fact it's the Lift Beauty Girls' Specialty... but I feel I should share some thing else with my lovely readers!

    So recently I was asked by a fellow blogger, what to do about the dreaded sweaty hair!
    In the spring, I helped this lovely lady with going from daily shampooing to a 3-4 day shampooing cycle! Hoorah!
    She however has decided to train for a half marathon! WOWZA! If only I could say the same for myself - maybe one day, right?
    She mentioned that since she has started to train she's had to go back to daily shampooing because of the heat and perspiration.
    Her request?
    Some tricks on how to avoid the every day shampoo without having to wear her hair in a pony!
    F.Y.I There's nothing wrong with a pony! 
    Maybe over the next few post I'll show you some tricks on quick "up" styles to hide post work out hair!

    I too have gotten my hair trained to be able to go 3-4 days without washing, it's amazing! However, I've also started working out more frequently, I may not be training for a marathon, but give me some credit! hehe

    Fact of the matter is, I CAN NOT GO 3-4 days without shampooing when I'm working out regularly, but I can go 2-3! YAY
    The Tricks:
    1. When working out, don't pull you hair back TIGHT! Try keeping it as loose as possible!
    2. When you get home from the workout blow dry your roots, with a LOW heat. *Don't let the moisture dry on it's own!
    3. Brush your hair with a wooden bristle brush.
    4. DUST IT!!! If you don't have this product, I suggest your get it!
    This should get you an extra day or 2!
    5. When you jump into the shower to finally wash those locks, give yourself lots of time!  2 shampoos will be necessary, the first with a DEEP cleansing shampoo and the second with a volume shampoo or moisture shampoo! *My suggestions: BC's "Deep Cleanse Shampoo" - $14.00 + BC's "Volume Boost Shampoo" or "Moisture Kick Shampoo" - both $14.00.

    Let me know how it works out for you!
    If you need any of these products, call us to purchase at 15% off, We deliver!


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