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How to tame the sweaty/oil skin in record high temperatures!

    It’s summer. 
    It’s hot and sticky and let’s face it, you are going to get a little sweaty.
    Emily has taught us all sorts of tips on how to take care of our hair, not washing it every day, cute up dos, and now I am going to explain how you can take care of your sweaty skin.
    A subtle glow is beautiful, but how do you stop it from becoming straight out sweaty  & shiny in this heat? Just like you have to train your hair, you have to train your skin.
    The PH levels in your skin need to be balanced, otherwise you will over produce oils, whether you need them or not! Using Lift’s Alpha Hydroxy Skin Care line and a super simple routine can get the summer shine toned down to a beautiful glow, here is how!

    Good Morning Tips:
    1.       When you wake up in the morning, head to the bathroom and splash your face with some water. Blot dry with a towel. That’s right, no cleansing. You only need to do it once a day to remove makeup, otherwise you will be over cleansing it, causing an over production of oils!

    2.       Apply Lift Cosmetics Alpha Hydroxy Toner to a cotton pad and smooth over skin, it will remove any oil or sweat that is sitting on your skin from that good night sleep, without messing with your ph levels. Plus it is full of AHA’s that will even out your skins tone and texture!

    3.       SUNSCREEN followed by a little of Lift’s AHA moisturizer mixed with a little of Lift’s Camouflage Concealer and you are good to go.
     Check back on Thursday for the matching evening regiment!
    Beautiful Skin doesn't go unnoticed!
    If you are interested in try any of the products mentioned, feel free to calls us - we deliver.

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