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    "It's no secret, I know everybody knows, I need you. It's no secret that I'm afraid to be alone" - Nevertheless It's No Secret

    Can we forget about whats happened,
    can we please go back in time?
    Your memory was never forgotten,
    I need these hands to hold me high.
    I need you.

    We were a couple like no other,
    we ran around the shore.
    I felt the cool breeze around me,
    I need your arms to keep me warm.
    I need you.

    I'm a reckless mess, you can't forget,
    all the things we've said and done.
    And though we said forever,
    look to where it's gone?
    I need you.

    All the nights I spent alone, 
    I never could forget. 
    The agony you caused me, 
    it surrounds me day by day.
    You're imprinted in my mind, my heart, my soul and my brain,
    why couldn't you stay?

    Maybe we weren't meant to be,
    but I can't help but think,
    what if we were?
    I hope one day you could forgive me,
    I miss you more than I should.

    I don't know what I did, but Darling,
    you've pushed me out so far.
    We used to be inseparable, 
    and now I don't know who you are.
    Why did you leave me?

    You left me here alone, I have no one,
    it's driving me insane.
    The emptiness inside is growing,
    to some unmeasurable pain. 
    I need you.

    The things you used to tell me
    keep running inside my head.
    All the love and meaning those words once held,
    are now meaningless and dead.
    Come back to me, why did you leave?

    Maybe one day I'll forget about us
    and everything that you said.
    Maybe one day the sight of you won't bother me,
    and I'll learn to see.
    But right now I'm still blinded by you,
    and what we used to be.

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