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    "I love you too," Eli says. "I just don't think that matters enough anymore." - Loose Girl, Kerry Cohen, p. 138

    So, I'm reading this book, called Loose Girl by Kerry Cohen. Short summary, it's a "memoir of promiscuity" and Kerry's addiction to sex, male attention, and how she believed that her life will finally have meaning when a guy "loves" her.

    And I come to this part, where she finally gets a boyfriend, who lasts a little over a year, and then things start to get a little tough; they fight more, sex is dwindling down, etc. So for vacation they decide to spend it apart, give some space and think, and see what happens. And during then, while Kerry is thinking about ways to make it better, because she really wants their relationship to make it, he goes off and cheats on her. Now this is a few decades ago, so I don't know if a kiss back then counted as cheating, but it does with me, so I'm calling it cheating. Eli meats some other girl, and kisses her, and then while he's breaking up with Kerry, over a payphone call, he goes on saying how the girl is better than Kerry. "It's so easy with her. Relaxing."

    Now, sorry if I offend anyone with this, but what the fuck? Why do people (mostly guys..) have to rub in how much better the new girl is? This has happened to me, a few times, hence why I say guys more, because I don't swing the other way. Anyway, I've had a few ex's who felt like they just had to tell me how awesome their new girl is. And while they're bragging, me nodding nonchalantly, inside I want to smack them in the eggs with the nearest blunt object I can get my hands on.

    Attention Guys : No girl wants to hear this shit. (Same goes for girls, really.)

    Anyway. Kerry says, "But I love you." And Eli proceeds to say the line I have up there, before the page break. And that there, really annoyed me. How can you say you love someone, and not have it be enough to keep trying? Especially when things aren't that bad, and you just need to suck it up and learn what's worth giving up and complaining about? I mean, really. Saying "I love you, but it's not working." is like saying "your dog is dead, but you can still keep him."

    This just completely baffles me, really. How can you say you love someone, but you cheat on them, and then say you want to leave for someone better than them..? You're just trying to sugar coat the situation, don't do that. Don't say you love them, and then leave them.

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