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    This one is relatively old, but I really like it and feel like it deserves a spot on my blog. 

    Hurtful and torn, this poor girl.

    She fell from the balcony, and broke herself.
    Went too far, and gave her all,
    now she's scattered along the floor.
    Every piece of her, up for grabs. 
    Take one, take it all. She doesn't want it anymore.
    Lost herself, so long ago,
    wondered around, and now she's not here anymore.
    Unsure what she was looking for,
    she went blind and unnoticed by human eyes.
    Scared, she reached, she screamed for help,
    but unnoticed, she was silent.
    A ghost, her silent screams useless, she was fading.
    So thin she couldn't hold herself.
    She slipped through herself.
    No one could hold her, no one could reach her.
    The only tears she shed were invisible, just as herself.
    They crowd around her broken and mangled body,
    and stare in awe at the wings that failed.
    A fallen angel, they say she fell from grace.
    The horrible secret that lies within, she's sworn she'd never tell.
    She never fell, was never fallen,
    she was merely pushed.

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