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    "Happiness consists in not having much, but being content with little." - Marguerite Gardiner

    Yesterday was Friday the 13th. This day has usually been pretty good for me, for the past few years, yesterday being one of them. It wasn't even hugely eventful, either.

    I and a bunch of my friends went over to my friend Andrey's house, for ping pong, videogames, and swimming. Doesn't seem like much, really, but honestly, yesterday was one of the best days of my summer, or year, really.

    For some people, a great day is going out and doing a lot of shit with a lot of people. Dancing, theme parks, shopping spree's, all that jazz. For others, it's just hanging out with the people you love most, whoever they are, doing nothing at all and just enjoying eachothers company. That's me, and the people I love most are my friends. It was honestly an incredible night, just hanging out by the pool side, watching my friends be retarded, having fun, and sitting on the cement still warm from the afternoon sun, and though it was about 7pm, almost night, and I'm in a wet bikini, it wasn't even cold.

    After, we all got dressed (there's really nothing that feels better than putting on fresh dry clothes after being all wet), sat in the den and played videogames, mostly watched Johnnie fail at them, really (Johnnie's a girl, by the way).

    It was really a perfect day, not to mention the meteor shower (which I missed) later that night, too.
    And hours after it all, I still smelled of chlorine. I love that smell.

    I can honestly say I was completely content with my life yesterday, still am right now. I couldn't ask for more. This was the summer day everyone aims for. Warm day, pool-side, friends.

    If any of my friends read this, since a couple are followers, I love you guys, I couldn't be more greatful for you.

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