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    "I'm in so deep, you know I'm just a fool for you. You've got me wrapped around your finger, do you have to let it linger?" - Linger The Cranberries

    I can still feel everything.
    The warmth of your hand,
    as you ran it down the length of my body.
    The softness of your lips,
    as you kissed your way back up.
    The scent and feel of your skin,
    as I held you close.

    You promised you'd never hurt me.
    You promised this time would be different.
    That you'd be different.
    This love would be different.

    These promises I took to heart.
    I tucked them away,
    and kept them safe.
    Replaying everything you said to me.

    These sweet nothings,
    so often replayed in my head,
    ended up as a sadistic chant.
    Swirling through my mind.

    Mocking me.
    Taunting me.
    A sick and twisted lullabye,
    that plays as I drift off to sleep.

    They haunt my dreams.
    Distorting your actions, your words,
    to unbearable amounts.
    Completely lost in an unconscious prison.
    A victim of my own memories.
    Ones I never wanted to give up.
    But now, I beg and plead with every ounce of my being,
    to please just go away.

    Your passive and guilty attitude,
    constantly reminding me of the person you used to be.
    The person you murdered.

    His soul still lingers on this God forsaken planet,
    burshing against the edges of my reality,
    distorting the person you are now.

    Confusing me,
    Luring me,
    Traping me in my own mental prison.

    Look at the mess you made.
    Take in the scene of the havoc you have caused.
    Forever damaging the innocent soul,
    who gave you nothing but love and loyalty.

    She trusted you.

    She handed over her heart,
    made of paper thin glass.
    The cracks still visible from the past Demons,
    who dropped her glass heart.

    She gave it to you.

    Hope rising in her chest,
    that you'd be different.
    And as soon as she glanced away,
    your tempted little hands squeezed.

    She fell, clutching her chest.
    Blood seeping out between the seams of her skin.

    And all you did, was stand there.
    Watching her break.

    Her insides malfunctioning.
    Parts of her slowly dying.

    She lays there,
    soaking in her own cold blood.
    Her memory stuck on your promises,
    playing over, and over, and over.

    You stare down into her lifeless face,
    and walked away.
    Your feet crunching on the remains of her once whole heart.
    It's the last sound she ever hears.

    She is no more.
    She can't feel anything, anymore.

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