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The 90's are back, and NOT just the denim...

    Okay, Back on track...

    We've been showing you a LOT of what the Lift Beauty Girls can do... And mostly bridal. 
    But Fall is here, and Fall Fashion is definitely my fav'
    I know you all love the TIPS and TRICKS on how to get the "looks" at home, on your own...

    So, lets talk about the Runway Trends for Fall 2010.

    There's so much to go over, where do I start? 

    90's 90's 90's
    It seemed to me that the Fall 2010 make-up artists were taking inspiration from Micheal Jackson and Courtney Love circa '92. 
    I call the look, "The Morning After." 
    • Disheveled Hair - Kate Moss' esque
    • Matte Skin
    • Earth Tone Lips 
    The main focus - Messy, smudged, imperfect, black or charcoal EYE LINER!
     Here's the trick, on how to get the look:
    Use a black or charcoal pencil to line the upper and lower lid - don't be concerned about keeping it neat or even close to the lash line. 
    The more the better!
    Dampen a Q-tip with make-up remover and play around with your liner!
    You will be sure to get that smudged, "morning after" look.
    (Sometimes I add a very thin black liquid line along the top lash line, just to give it a little definition..)
    Try it out, let me know how it goes...
    I've definitely been sporting this style and have been asked too many times to count, how I did it - it's simple and now, no longer a secret!

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