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Caught RED Handed…

    For those of you who want to keep up to date with Fall Fashion – follow the 5 shades of Fall…
    Learn simple tips and tricks on how to incorporate small flares that make a big statement to your look!

    Let’s start with RED! We’ve talked a number of times about the different shades of red and how they can make a great statement or a terrible one if done wrong!
    This fall look for the following products to add the perfect POP to your look:

    Even Christian Loubitan agrees, red is the perfect touch for a pop of colour. We’re seeing a ton of Leopard print in stores for fall, red seems to accent it perfectly.
    Try our Fall Polish Pick, Ruby Red by Orly.
    *Click on our related “Labels” bellow to see more ways to wear your red and extra Fall picks for Make-up and nails!

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