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Oh, the Changes... and good deeds!

    As you're all aware, things have been changing for Lift Beauty Boutique & The Lift Beauty Girls for the past few months...

    We gave you all ample notice, so that you could get your FINAL cuts, and colours by the girls as 114 Cumberland!

    For me, it was totally bitter sweet - sad that I wont be seeing some of you every 4-6 weeks - but totally exciting to move onto this new chapter and to see you in the comfort of your homes for AMAZING girls nights in, or special events!

    Some of you brought us flowers, others brought cards and tears, but our lovely Candice brought us 2 amazing gifts...
    1. A Bottle of Champagne
    2. Our final Hair Donation
    Thanks you Candice!

    As some of you may know, I have been a big supporter of cancer research and have advocated for donations in both money and HAIR. It was such an amazing feeling and gift to have one of my longest standing clients let me chop her beautiful locks off to be donated on my LAST day at the Salon. 

    Over the years Candice has asked to cut her hair short a number of times, and I've always encouraged her to keep it long because it's beautiful and so that she could donate it one day without having to cut it into a pixie cut!

    Although she says she said she was chopping it all off before I "left her" so that she could guarantee a good cut, and to spite me... I know she really did it out of the kindness of her heart!

    I'm so thankful and I know who ever receives that hair will be as well. 
    So Candice, I love you, I'll miss seeing you at the salon - but I'll see you in your home for a Girls Night In!

    Interested in donating your hair? I suggest doing it! It's a great way to help someone in need and it allows you to try a new look - Fall is the perfect time to do it!


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