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Whoooo Whooo - Owl Fashion

    Not only are we seeing the EYES being played up in Make-up fashion this Fall, but we are seeing owl eyes on clothing, accessories and home decor...

    Marc Jacobs is one of the MANY designers who's showing this trend, Owls Eyes EVERYWHERE...Owls are synonymous for being wise and aged - but their beauty is what's brought them into our Fashion Trends for 2010

    Although I love each and every one of these items, I don't think I could see myself spending the money on them. 

    Owl fashion can't be something that will last FOREVER - this a trend, or fad - Right?

    The Lift Beauty Girls also have some Owl Accessories to show you - our price point is far more reasonable for a "non classic item" - These Pieces range from $20.00-55.00

    I've kept a few for myself - their so adorable!

     Interested in trying on some of our accessories?? Remember that we're offering your first Lift Beauty Girls Mobile experience for FREE! Give us a call to book a night of accessories, make-up, manis, and hair!

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