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Make Believe.

    "I am a Pirate,  you are a Princess. We could sail the seven seas." - PlayRadioPlay! I'm a Pirate, You're a Princess

    Lets play a game.
    You'll be the Prince, and I'll be the Princess. 
    We'll act as if it's a fairytale,
    a story of perfect love.

    I'll get to hold you, and call you mine.
    You'll be at ease,
    knowing that finally no one wants to leave you.

    You'll kiss my hand when we meet,
    handing me a single rose in bloom.
    I'll kiss away the cut on your thumb,
    from the forgotten thorn on it's stem.

    We'll sit on thrones,
    and you'll slay my dragons.
    Playing the Knight in Shining Armor
    that you so desperately want to be.

    At dusk, we'll slow dance in a room too big for us.
    The setting sun glowing through the stain-glass windows,
    Reflecting the light in your chocolate brown eyes.

    Lets play a game.
    We'll live in a fairytale,
    a story of make believe.
    Nothing can go wrong, 
    when your world does what you please.

    The story ends,
    the curtain closes. 
    We take our respective bows.
    And I'm still standing in my gown.

    Everyone has left, the show is over. 
    But I'm still in this dusty theater. 
    I look out ahead of me,
    our world was just an audience,
    and a bunch of cardboard boxes.
    I'll stand right here, in this old dusty theater,
    Just in case you want to find me again,
    and make our own fairytale.

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