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Ungreatful Little Child.

    That's what I am, no?

    This is going to be a rant. There's going to be another one after this, too. Lets have fun :D
    * Please excuse any bad spelling, my computer doesn't like FireFox, and IE doesn't have the spell check function and I'll probably forget to use the option on here afters, since I have a bad memory.

    Earlier, my grandmother took my grandfather to the doctors for a check up. On her way out, she asked if I wanted take out. I said no, because we just bought groceries, and that'd be kind of pointless and a waste of money. Plus, take out makes you feel icky afterwards, with all those preservatives and fats and excess calories.

    She says alright, and off they go.

    A few hours later (Kaiser always takes about an hour or two longer than the time you scheduled your appointment) they all come back, and my grandma says, "here, I got you taco bell."


    Really? I don't understand why. I didn't want it in the first place. I was trying to be nice and save her money (and my future body's health) by declining her offer to get me take out. And she still goes along and gets it.

    Now, I look as if I'm being the bratty grandkid that doesn't want to eat what their nice old grandmother got them.
    The nice old grandmother that obviously ignored what I said. I seem ungrateful and spoiled for not wanting to eat this take out. This always happens, ALWAYS!

    No one in my family listens to me, never the first time, at least. Most have admitted to this. And I'm usually right, too. So why they don't listen to me in the first place, I've no idea, and when they do decide to "listen" to me (which means they suddenly get the same idea I just gave them and they don't even acknowledge that I just said it) it's always too late.

    So now, I either eat the chili fries, with a side of large fries, and hamburger, and get fat and bloated and continue eating unhealthy. Or, I don't eat it, and it goes to waste (or grandma eats it since healthy doesn't appeal to her) and it was a waste of money, and then I look spoiled, bratty, and ungrateful.


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