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How Do I Look?

    This is why I don't watch TV.

    I had  no internet for a few days, and no homework, and nothing to read. So I had to resort to TV. I haven't actually sat and watched TV (other than movies) for more than a few minutes in.. probably a year?? Wow.

    Faces pixilated so I don't get sued.
    Anyway, I was waiting for my mom to pick me up and take me to Focus & Testing (this little company that calls you in to test shit other companies want to sell, like tea or shaving cream or new pizza toppings, etc) and she was quite late. While waiting, my grandma had on this TV show, "How Do I Look?"

    The basis of the show is that these uber-doober stereotypically pretty girls take less pretty girls, and try to change how the less pretty girl looks. They have a family member and friend behind it too, telling the less pretty girl that what they wear is basically ugly and that they have "so much more potential" than to walk around wearing baggy or out-of-style clothing.

    This girl they had on was a breast cancer survivor, a lil heavy, so she wore a lot of baggy stuff to cover up the lopsidedness and she just likes to be comfy. The celebrity lady was like "these are man clothes!" and how she should wear more "feminine" things. They then took each item of the girls clothes, insulted it, and then put it under this chute that sucked up the "ugly clothes". 

    After all of that, they took the girl shopping and put her in all of these fancy clothes and heels and shit.

    All the while, I'm just slightly appalled that these chicks think they have the right to say that what someone wears is shitty. I can understand if they were like "we know you've been through a lot and are self conscious and want to feel relaxed, but it's alright to dress up sometimes!" But no, they weren't like that. 

    I liked the before better!
    What's wrong with people today? Girls don't ALWAYS have to be "fashionable". Hell, if you only wear "fashionable" things, then you're just killing your originality. Who wants to wake up everyday, spend an hour or more doing hair and make up, stay in a tight dress all day and walk in heels all the time? Why can't we just go "fuck it" and walk out in a loose shirt and old pair of jeans and sneakers? Who is to say what is feminine and what is not? (In clothing, at least). Why do girls always have to be feminine, anyway?

    Maybe if the show was about boosting the girls self confidence, and not saying they dress badly, I'd have liked it better. But I find it mean and wrong.

     And for any citation rights, whatever, I got the pictures off of the "How Do I Look?" slide show website. 

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