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Lady GaGa.

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    I just read an article about a speech Lady GaGa gave at a show in Poland ( Read about it here ).
    This is what she said :

    "The funny this is that some people reduce freedom to a brand, they think that it's trendy now to be free. They think it's trendy to be excited about your identity. When in truth, there is nothing trendy about 'Born This Way' (her up-coming new album). 'Born This Way' is a spirit, and it is this connection that we all share. It is something so much deeper than a wig or a lipstick or an outfit or a [expletive] meat dress. 'Born This Way' is about us, 'Born This Way' is about what keeps us up at night and makes us afraid."

    Some people don't understand the way Gaga dresses. Some would find it humiliating to walk around in some of the things she wears. But she doesn't care. She explained once on a talk show, I think Ellen (I was watching it), and said that the reason she dresses so funky is like a way to show her fans that it's OK to be you. Dress how you feel, dress to show who you are.
    I actually did not know she had a bubble dress. WIN!

    I agree with Gaga's statement, that it's "trendy now to be free." There's been a lot of new songs about being yourself, (listed later in the original post in provided link). Ke$ha, Katy Perry, P!nk, all in the same couple months. Not that it's a bad thing. I think it's a good thing. Though a lot of the songs, or the increase in general, was kind of due to the the increase of gay (teen) suicides ( which I also wrote about earlier, and you can read them here and here ). Many celebrities, such as Ke$ha, put out YouTube videos called "It Gets Better" in support of gays.

    Anyway, back on topic. After reading the post, I scrolled through the comments (I just love to torture myself) and so, so many people were being so.. insulting. This is what I find :
    "What a F***ing freak!"
    "Isn't her 15 minutes up yet?"
    "It's trendy to look like a circus freak?"

    It's like she's speaking to walls. Do these people not even listen? She talks about being yourself, and then people judge her on being herself. It's like these people are afraid to live out of the norm. Who said you have to go out everyday in slacks and a T-shirt? Why not wear an outfit made of sparkles and balloons? OK, those might pop, but you get the idea. This is why so many people have trouble accepting others, accepting themselves, and accepting change. Just because they don't see it everyday, it's weird. What if you moved to another country? (Alright, other than Canada or the US) If I moved to, lets say, India, I'm pretty sure I'd find a lot of what they wear "weird" or different than what I see here in the US, but to them, it's normal.

    "Well, that's an entire culture!" Well, yeah.. but why can't people being themselves be an entire culture? Why must I be judged if I want to walk out of the house, and go to the grocery store in neon tights, pink combat boots, some shorts and a rainbow tank top? I swear, if I can find some shorts that actually look right on me, I'd do that. I've got it all but the shorts and the tights!

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