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    "Skinny girls are for wimps!"

    Recently, I've been seeing a lot of stuff like that quote up there. That guys love curvy girls. That skinny isn't attractive. The bigger girls have a "full figure."

    Fat is the new Skinny.
    Or more so, Fat is the new Curvy.

    I'm really getting sick of this. First, the "fat" girls are mad at skinny girls because they're skinny. As the stereotype goes, the skinny girl gets all of the guys. The "fat" girls complain about how they're made fun of because they're big, and how it's mean, unfair, "we're all beautiful in our own ways."

    Right? Right?

    Wrong. That was just an excuse for (most of) the bigger girls to feel better about themselves. And you know what? The skinny girls agreed. We are all "beautiful in our own way." But now, skinny girls are made fun of for being skinny. They have no "meat", "no boobs", "seeing their ribs are gross", "they're like dolls/they're fake".

    This is starting to piss me off. What the fuck is wrong with being thin? I'm thin. I like being thin. Personally, I'd rather be my 115lbs, five foot five stature than being "curvy."

    A friend of mine, who's a bit large, added a Bumper Sticker on Facebook, it says "Skinny girls are for wimps!" And honestly, I actually found this kind of insulting. The way I read it, was that big girls are physically better and will get the better guys. That only a real guy can handle a big girl, while any guy can handle a skinny bitch.

    I get it, big girls are starting to gain self confidence, and I know it's been shot down a lot for most big girls. But really? Are you trying to prove a point when you say these things? What, exactly, are you trying to prove or say? That curvy girls are real women, and skinny girls are fake? Gross? What? You're just restarting the cycle.

    Don't use the excuse of, "well now you know how we felt!" No, you're just starting it over, belittling the skinny girls, instead of keeping that "we're all beautiful" theory.

    I'm not talking to all of the "big" girls, some don't care either which way. But to the ones who make comments like the above, fuck you, I like my skinny ass. There's nothing wrong with it.

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