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do you svpply?

    I've been playing around with Svpply, the relatively new site that allows you to keep track of all the goodies on your online shopping wish list... 


    Svpply incorporates some of the social networking capabilities of a Facebook so you are able to follow other shoppers whose lists you particularly admire. I like it mostly for keeping track of my most-desired online steals and not-so steals. What you see here is my current list, a mish-mash that includes a leaf-festooned DVF dress, Guy Bourdin and Gerhard Richter coffee table books, a fringed Prova scarf, two-toned, heeled oxfords from J.Crew, a Happy Menocal matador watercolor print, and sexy/badass Alexander Wang platform heels...


    Have any of you tried it? If so, what do you think?

    (For more info on images, check out Peacock Feathers' Svpply page...)

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