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Oh, Mother.

    Oh look, another rant.

    What constitutes being an "adult"? Is it age? How you act? If you have a job?

    My mother. She's 52 years old. Or 53, I forget. Either way, she's old.

    Most people by now either have a job, or they're retired. My mother? Neither. She has not had a job in roughly seven-ish years. She's had lame, part time one day jobs. But nothing where you go to work, do stuff your boss tells you, and come home after an 8-10 hour day, then repeat for the rest of the week.

    Her last "job" was at a vet clinic. She quit because she didn't like her teenage co-workers. God forbid she works a at job where she doesn't like someone. Who cares if you have a kid to raise with no other income except government money? Who cares if you still need 400$ to pay off your car, and that you're in debt, and can only spend about 100$ on food a month? For two people?

    Nah, that doesn't matter. What matters is if you like everyone. Even the teenagers.
    You should be ashamed of yourself when teenagers put up with work more than you do.

    So, fine. You quite that easy as pie job, working at the counter, with animals (of which she LOVES).
    Why did it take you seven years to start trying to find somewhere else? Yes, you were "working on getting your degree". At a junior college. You have yet to apply anywhere. Why can't you work while going to school part time? Like, once a fucking week?

    My mother, she currently owes me about 70$. She always needs gas money. You know you're at the bottom of the well when you're unemployed teenage daughter has more money than you do. It was gift money, for birthdays or holidays. I use that money to buy shit that I need. I buy food with it, I buy shampoo and tampons with it, I buy body wash with it. The only thing I ever splurge it on is a couple 7$ books and maybe a new, 99 cent eye shadow. Hell, I just spent about 160$ of it on Microsoft Word, since my computer doesn't have it.

    A few days ago, mom took me to school so I could go buy my over-priced school books. They had all but one that I needed, so she was going to take me the next day, but I had plans for the next two days. I texted her earlier today asking if she waned to go on Monday to see if they had it in yet.

    After trying to decipher her 4 badly spelled text messages, she said she has no gas to go, and won't until February 3rd. School starts on the 7th. Where the fuck did she go that she wasted that much damn gas that she can't drive me a couple miles to school? Not like she was driving to work, or anything.

    You know, I know she tries. But she half-ass tries. If she was really putting everything she had into this, she would've gotten a job within these seven-ish years. Even a part time job. She's always borrowing money from other people. And I'm sick of going to the Housing Authorities and shit to prove that yes, two people live in this stupid dirty little apartment, so she can keep getting government money. I had to miss school for this shit, during final review week.

    This wouldn't happen if she'd just stop acting like a sixteen year old. I complain about how getting a job is hard, but it is harder for me since I have nothing to give any employer. I have no great skills or previous work experience or degree's or schooling in anything that would benefit me. My mother, she does. She's in her 50s for Gods sake, she's got to have something.

    She told me last year, that she'd be completely out of debt by January, 2011. It's nearly February, and so far, I don't see an end in sight. Not just yet.


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