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Oh, Hai. (PIX)

    "We've been dating for about two and a half months now, and by Jupiter's cock it's been the best two and a half months of my life." - The Boyfriend

    My boyfriend.

    Yeah, he can be pretty awesome.

    Mike took me horse back riding yesterday (well, technically today since I haven't gone to sleep yet).
    Since I didn't have a clue where we were going (it was a surprise, which made for very confusing directions), I didn't really know if I should take my camera. And once I did realize where we were going, I thought it was logical to leave my lovely, delicate camera off of the three hundred pound horse I was mounted on.

    More or less.

    So, I don't have any pictures of horses, which I slightly regret, but if it kept them from flailing around and flipping me off of them, I was glad to comply.

    I had this cute white horse. The majority of the time he/she stayed nice and calm.

    However, my horse apparently did not like my boyfriends horse, and would sort of flip out every time Mike trotted up beside my horse.

    I wonder what happens in those stables when no one's there...

    Anyway. the majority of the time, it was pretty cool. We and about 7 others went like, a mile on this dirt trail.
    My horse thought he/she was special and started to walk up a small mountain to eat grass.
    After getting he/she off of said mountain, we trotted along fine, and continued to follow directly behind whatever horse was in front of it. He/she seemed to like doing that.

    When we got back to the stables, we all sat on our horses in a row, waiting to get off. But again, my horse got distracted by some flowers. And when I went to nudge him/her forward, they kind of just... stood there at the gate. I nudged again, and no dice. My horse like, broke or something. So about three minutes later the lady came over and helped the horse along.

    Dear god, I wish I never got off that thing. I couldn't walk for about five minutes. We got off onto this raised step, and the step down is steep, and I nearly tipped over. Then my feet had some issues figuring out where the ground started. My ass still hurts, and I think it's bruising. Well worth it, though.

    On the ride home, poor Mike had to be subject to my photos. After a few minutes of, "LOOK AT THE DAMN CAMERA!" he finally did for like .3 seconds.


    He doesn't think he takes good photos (does he know who's taking the pictures, here?!), so everyone, tell him how pretty he looks.

    I promise, he's not really this yellow. 
    So now, I'm off to take a really, really hot shower and wash all of the dust out of my hair, then snuggle in bed for the next fourteen hours.

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