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Bumper Sticker.

    Smile! Your mom chose LIFE!

    So I saw this stupid bumper sticker today, on the car parked next to us. It said : "Smile! Your mom chose LIFE!"

    It's a pro-life sticker. I don't understand this, either this person is just stupid or doesn't understand that not every woman has the option to choose life or abortion.

    I hate to assume, but it honestly seemed like they were the type of person who thinks that adoption is the answer to everything. Don't want a child? Put them up for adoption!

    Little do they know that just because you put your child up for adoption, doesn't mean they'll be adopted. It seems like most of the kids who are adopted are from foreign countries (just going by what I see). Not that it's a bad thing, I am thinking of the children here, but you just don't see people adopting kids from the US.

    Anyway, after I read the sticker, I thought to myself, "the only reason I'm still here is because my mother didn't know she was pregnant until 5 months in, so it was too late to terminate me."

    Stupid sticker.

    Not that my mom didn't want or love me, but it just shows how un-knowledgeable some people are. Just because I'm here doesn't mean my mom wanted to have me. I was an accident, unplanned, a surprise, call it what you want, but my mom didn't want me, she only wanted me when she knew I was there.

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