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    This random thing in your life has a slight link to CANCER!

    Seriously, why even bother with all of these news reports and articles about the cancer-causing-thing-of-the-week? Everything causes cancer, even just a little bit of it does. Everything. There's always some random fuck in the world that has to get a life threatening disease by eating or doing the most random, normal everyday thing and ruin it for the rest of us. (No offense.)

    Maybe one person out of all of the 7-ish billion people in the world got cancer due to eating, oh, I don't know, lets make it eggs this week.

    Do we really need to make a news article about it, again? Don't you think that everyone already knows that pretty much everything causes cancer? What's the point? What do they expect us to do about it; stop eating, drinking, microwaving, talking on the phone, using deodorant, looking at the sun, being IN the sun, BREATHING?

    Do they think that it'll scare us so much that we'll just stop our daily routine and fix it up so that it fits a lifestyle where no one will ever get cancer?

    Is it even possible to do?

    It's so redundant now. Why even try?

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