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Camping. (PIX) 1

    "When negativity surrounds, I know some day it'll all turn around. Because all my life I've been waiting for, I've been praying for, for the people to say that we don't wanna fight no more. There'll be no more wars, and our children will play." - Matisyahu One Day

    Last week, Mike, his friend Alex and I all went camping! My friend Riley was supposed to come, too, but her mother decided to get mad an hour before we were going to pick her up and she couldn't go.

    Fucking lame.

    We still had fun, though. We went to Angeles National Forest. What I thought we'd be doing was finding a random spot in nature and living there for 3 days, but it actually had designated camping grounds, so that was cool. Benches, tables, and fire pits.

    I didn't know that the forest was so freaking high up, though. But I guess it makes sense, since it's a very mountainous area (actually a lot of California is, believe it or not).

    We eventually ended at about 5,200 feet. First day, the beautiful horizon was full of smog. Second day, though, was absolutely clear and beautiful. Extremely fucking hot, though. Here's a tip for anyone who plans on camping later on in life: Nights will be cold as hell, and early in the morning you will be rudely awakened by your tent magically becoming a sauna.

    I'm not kidding. We went to bed kind of late, and I expected to wake up at a normal time. Mike and I couldn't fall sleep until like 5 in the morning (thank you, darling, for making us black tea before bed) and when we woke up, I checked the time because it was so hot and so sunny, I thought it was like 12.

    Nope, 7:50 a.m.

    Angela was not pleased. Lol

    I also got sunburned, not much though. Just my chest and my upper arms, everything else is fine. I did, however, get bug bitten like all fuck. I have about 7 mosquito bites on various limbs, and a spider bite on my ear and my arm.

    My arm, it is so itchy!! I'm scratching it as we speak. Actually, I'm scratching the spider bite (well, it looks like a spider bite, I don't really know what it is). It made my forearm poofy :( And my ear was squishy.



    Did I mention that it was leaking clear fluids, too? No? Well it was.

    Third day my hair was stuck in the shape of a pony tail, even when there was no hair tie in.
    So when I got home, I immediately dropped my things in the doorway and went straight to the bathroom. I ended up popping the squishy part of my ear, and have a lovely scab on it now two or three days later.

    But it was fun nonetheless. If it was cooler, we probably could've gone hiking around the area more than we did. But the heat was excruciating. It was so insane!

    Anyway, I'll post the pictures in a couple different posts; there's a lot and I don't want them to lag anyone's computers.

    So here's the first batch:

    There was a fire a couple years back, so there was a lot of dead, black trees.
    And a lot of purple flowers. Sea of purple.

    View directly from our camp-site.

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