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Hayvenhurst. (PIX)

    "When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator." - Mohandas Gandhi

    These were actually taken before my last batch. There's this street called Hayvenhurst, and when you follow it all the way to its end, you find a big mountain with a long, dirt nature road. The road leads to an old military base of sorts. I'm not sure of the details, even though there's those little informative posters all around there, I didn't bother to read them much :) Anyway, it's abandoned now and people just hike around and jog or bike.

    From the tippy top, you can see a few miles! You can see Stony Point from the top of the tower (pictured below) but it was too hard for my camera to pick up. Behind the tower, you can actually see the beach! I have a picture of that, but it was so smoggy that you couldn't make it out on camera, either :(

    I also made a favicon. It's probably not the one pictured right now because it's giving me some issues, hopefully it'll be a guy barfing a rainbow, but right now it's just a rainbow circle of dots. You can just upload it when you're in "Blogger in Draft," so try that out if you haven't :D

    And there's a few new quotes and possibly some music (a link to a really great site!) in their respective tabs at the top, so take a gander if it pleases you.

    Anyway, here you go.

    I think it's a dam or a water duct. Miniature effect. 

    Power lines.

    Some awesome graffiti :D

    The big watch tower thingy. Ooooooh scary. You can see Stony and the Beach from up there, it doesn't look high but it really is!

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