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Tired Of It.

    I'm not sure if my grandma is just old and senile, or if she's just stupid and blaming it on being old and senile.

    Lets see :
    Two days ago, she got the brilliant idea to take all of my body wash out of the shower, and put my toothpaste in there.
    Yesterday, we were out to lunch and she ordered a side salad. It arrived, and she shoved it aside saying she'll just take it home, when she could've told the waitress that she wanted to take it home in the first place, instead of wasting a dish and the poor girls time.
    Today she decided to put hair conditioner into the hand soap.
    She also ate MY food. She didn't know it was mine, when it's obvious that it was mine because it was organic and from Whole Foods, when all she ever buys herself is cookies and juice.

    "Don't worry, you wouldn't have liked it anyway," she says.
    Because apparently, I buy food I won't like. You know, not shit that I'll eat when I'm fucking hungry.

    We are now out of any sort of meals. We have a bunch of rice, and that's it. I'm not kidding. Rice, and summer sausage. She won't go grocery shopping because it's "too hot," yet, she'll go out to lunch.

    In the car.
    In the heat.
    We drive by two grocery stores.
    Stupid or senile, you decide.

    It'd be really, really nice if for once in my life I could have an actual dinner meal, and not something you microwave or cook on the stove for three minutes and "just add water and our seasoning packet!"

    The second thing I'm tired of is my friends. They're good people, really. Lately, the past few months, I've been pretty much left out of all of their events. They make random ones all the time, and so far almost everyday. Just spur of the moment things and they can all go.

    I make an event so I can see them all, and none of them can go. They're all "busy". Or don't have a ride.
    And here they say it's sad that I don't have my license when most of them don't, either. Not like I have a car to drive it with! It's also not my fault that my mother took months to get the right side mirror fixed so I could legally drive it, and it's also not my fault that her insurance bounced and so I couldn't drive for another month. And lastly, it is also  not my fault that she doesn't have a job, so she never has money for GAS.

    Fuck off, seriously.

    They seem to be stuck on "not drinking is the cool new thing and everyone's doing it!" and not in the "no one on Earth actually gives a fuck if you drink or not" phase. My boyfriend drinks. He's Russian, it's pretty much obligatory for him to drink. What kind of Russian would he be if he didn't have a shot of Vodka with his morning cereal?

    I kid.

    Sort of.

    He doesn't drink often, either. My friend makes an event for his birthday party, this friend would drink if it was there pretty much. Not much of a drinker himself, though. Anyway, Mike asks if he could bring some booze.

    Everyone flipped a fat bitch.

    This is a short version of how the conversation went :
    Mike : Booze?
    Friend 1 : If there's booze, I'm so not going to drink!
    Friend 2 : Yeah, I'm with Friend 1!
    Me : There won't be booze.
    Friend 2 : Well I'm just saying if there is, I wouldn't drink it :D
    Me : But there won't be, so it's pointless to state that.
    Friend 3 : Booze? Count me out!
    Me : There won't be booze!
    Friend 4 : Yeah guys, lets just keep this a sober party :D
    Friend 1 :  Jesus...
    Friend 5 : I'm not going to drink, either.
    Friend 2 : Yeah me either!!

    By this time, I've ran my head into a wall too many times to reply back.
    Life Tip #102: Beware of Hipster friends.

    I wish I had friends who didn't care if he smokes or drinks. Or leave me out of events. All of the past events. The only reason I was invited to the last one was because I ran into them and someone randomly mentioned it. Not that I could go, though. Mom had no gas and no one could give me a ride.

    I need college friends. It'd be nice to see my name tagged in all of those status's of them bragging about what a great day they had with everyone. It'd be nice to see more than 2 people try to talk to Mike and not have him shoved off into the corner.

    Oh well, it's not my fault that most of them won't give him a chance. Maybe if I went off and dated someone in the group like the rest of them do and cause stupid drama I'd still fit right in.


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