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    Don't click on their website.

    Few days ago I looked at my stat's and saw that a lot of hits were coming from this site, so I clicked on it to check it out. They say they're a mix of Facebook/MySpace/Twitter.

    But apparently they're just spammers/hackers. From this article about them, they just hack into your account and fuck with your shit to make it seem like you have views coming from there.

    You don't.

    I signed up myself just to see if I could find where my blog link would've been located, and I didn't find anything, just like the article said.

    You can't blame me though, it's my blog and if some website is promoting it, I want to know where they're promoting it from.

    But they're not, so just ignore these guys and put the word out.

    Plus, the site is full of weirdo wanna-be's anyway. I've never seen a site with so many old people who dress as scene/emo kids.


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