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    I have 233 followers. I got 4 questions, from 2 people.

    Does no one else see the problem with this?

    Hello?? Anyone out there??

     Okay, well, here it goes.

    Question 1 is from Andrea! (Life is a Science Experiment): Why the hell haven't I been following your blog for all this time? 

    Answer: Probably because I keep taking the link off my bubble in the Shop xD

    Questions 2-4 is from Devon! (Only Star in the Sky):

    2. How did you develop your blog/get so many followers? I'm asking because I'm genuinely curious as to how you can build a real community on Blogger.

    Answer: Lets see, I've had my blog since June 2010. Over a year ago! Wow, I didn't realize that until now. Well, the bottom of the Dashboard was a list of Help links for Blogger. I clicked around those and found this place called The Coffee Shop, "Share blogs; talk life!" Was the motto then. It's a Blogger forum where, if people can find it that is, bloggers go and can talk with other bloggers.

    There's a lot of interesting people in Shop, such as Andrea up there. A year ago, there used to be so many threads of conversations and quirky people, I was addicted! But in the past year, it's gotten kind of "eh"; too many trolls and drama queens.

    Funny thing is that all the drama queens are middle age people! So go and adventure through there, just beware: the regulars (I and some others) aren't very fond of "spamming" your blog links and religion threads. I'll help you here and say it's good to make a "bubble" first. That holds your blog link in it, where people can hover over your user icon and click on it. I get most of my hits from that.

    Another way I get hits and followers is when a reader puts me in their blog roll; I never ask for this by the way. I just randomly check my traffic sources and I see other bloggers put me there. Or mention my link in a post, etc.

    But yes, most of my hits come from the Shop. There's threads in there where people ask "what was the last thing you posted?" and "who has a blog about this?" and you can put your link in those. It helps a lot really. Followers just come from over the years.

    Don't be fooled, though. Like I said up there, I have 233 followers, but I don't get much action on here. Followers isn't what it's all cracked up to be, really. But then again, I post a lot of pictures. Eh, tomato, tomahto.
    Too many words, needed a picture.

    Question 3! (again from Devon):What is your favorite genre of music? Any music you can't stop listening to?

    Answer: I love everything lol I go through phases as to what is my favorite to listen to; just depends on my mood. My favorites are House, Pop, Metal, Punk/Alternative, Classic Rock, and Classical music. Oh, and some Dubstep. Can't forget the Dubstep!

    In fact, I do have a Music Page at the top of my blog here. I've been trying to update it frequently, but I do tend to forget for a few weeks. I added a lot of new stuff yesterday though. It's categorized into genre's.

    Right now though, I can't stop listening to "Midnight Train" from Morandi. It's there in the page, don't worry.

    I love stuff that's upbeat and I can dance to, though I can't dance for the life of me. I have issues with people who complain about "today's music" and always talks about how music has to be meaningful and emotional. I just don't understand why. Why must I listen to something that reminds me of a sad time, and makes me think? I want to listen to music so I can relax. So House, Dubstep, Club, Upbeat stuff in general helps me do that. I like it, it's catchy.

    Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it isn't music! So if you (the reader in general) is the type of person who says that, then stop being so ignorant.

    I'm going to make the other few questions as a different post, since it's a few different ones and this post is long enough.

    So I hope this went well; ask more questions. There's 231 of you who haven't said anything! Don't think I didn't notice...!

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