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Oh, La La!

    Have you ever been attracted to another girl? - Jodie-Ann (The Run-On Sentences of Life)

    Oh, now we're getting nitty-gritty, huh? Well, if that's how it is...

    Answer: No, I have not. Not in a sexual way, or in a "I want to be in a relationship with you" way, at least, which is what I'm pretty sure you meant ;P

    I remember when I was in middle school (2003ish - 2006) there was this new fad: being bisexual. Seriously, it was "all the rage". Girls started kissing their best (female) friends on the cheeks, the lips, making those Hollywood fantasies of males come true (or making them think they were true), all that jazz.

    I don't think they really understood what "bisexual" was. Suddenly every girl in my class was bisexual, or most at least. Hell, even my best friend at the time became bisexual! (She's currently dating a male, if I'm not mistaken. She's blocked me on Facebook so I can't stalk her pictures anymore xD).

    And yes, I was sort of peer-pressured into becoming bisexual. I never was. I didn't lie about it though, as it may seem from that. I never said I was "bi". If someone ever asked me if I'd ever date a girl, I said "maybe," because who knows? Maybe one day I would. I can't tell the future, it's possible. If someone asked me, "do you think she's hot?" I'd answer truthfully.

    That's not being bi, I know that. I was like 12 and had very dramatic friends; who didn't in middle school? Fads caught on like colds.

    Other things I was pressured into liking was Nirvana. Can't say I ever really "liked" their music.

    I just can't find women sexually/emotionally attractive. Honestly, I think I would hate being in a relationship with a woman. Hell, I can barely stand myself and my girl friends, what makes me think I could stand ANOTHER woman, for the rest of my life?!

    HA. Noooooo thank you. No me gusta.

    I've always loved the physique of a male. I'm very traditional. I like when my guy is bigger than me, stronger, taller, etc. I like to feel little and as if he can take care of me. I love the "manly man" who's also a gentleman. And I have one :)

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