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    My grandma is watching Home-Shopping.

    As you all know, she's been complaining that she "just can't afford this and that" anymore.

    She sees this stupid rolling light up toy, and says, "Oh, maybe I should get that for Arthur!"
    Arthur is Armando (the shitty caretaker) 2 year old kid.

    This really pissed me off. Why? Well, like I said, she's always complaining that she can't afford these things she needs, or money to fix things that are broken, but she has enough to buy shit off of Home-Shopping for a kid that isn't hers?

    And to sound just a little bit greedy/selfish (take your pick), not enough to raise the budget on my future used car?

    Armando and his wife are well off, they can afford nice cars and all the things their two kids need. I don't know why she has this urge to buy the kid, of a guy whom she hates and complains about all day everyday, toys. All the time. We'll be at Target or somewhere, and she'll find some kid thing and want to buy it for him.

    You're already paying the man, so you're already technically buying them their dinner, cars, clothes, food, and other whatnots.

    And she wonders why she "can't afford things" anymore.


    P.S - It also took me hours, technically a day, to find a layout I liked.


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