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Good Days.

    "If the bad times weren't so bad, the good times wouldn't be so good." - Anonymous

    I've been thinking about this quote. What it means, well, that's obvious. Without bad days, you wouldn't appreciate the good days. When I first heard this, I thought it was completely true. It can apply to many things in life.

    But then I really started to think about it.

    If everyday that I lived was a good day, would I really stop appreciating them? Now I don't mean the most amazing day of my life where everything is perfect and goes exactly according to plan (but I don't think I'd complain if that is how my day went. Who would?). Just a simple day where I can reflect back at the end and say, "Today was a good day. I enjoyed it."

    Right now, I don't think I'd be any less thankful. Why would I? I mean, it may not be the sort of appreciation where I'm like, "Oh thank God today was a good day. I don't think I could handle anymore stress and drama. I'm so grateful today was calm and enjoyable!" I don't really like when I come home at the end of the day and think that it's a relief the day was good.

    There could be a couple downers, but if it ended with me thinking the day was fun, enjoyable, or just overall good, I'd be happy. If anything, wouldn't it be a good thing to reflect on your life after so many years of pleasant days, and think, "Man, my life is pretty great!" ?

    Plus, no one likes bad days. If you love bad days, you're weird. And also, that would technically count as a good day since you enjoyed the badness.

    ...I think I'm getting a bit off track. Anyway. Do any of you agree/disagree with the quote? Maybe someone can emphasize more on it.

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