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Funeral Arranger?

    In my few months of job/career searching, I came upon one that's been growing in demand. It's odd, but it's a Funeral Arranger. I've looked it up a few times and it says that there's no particular criteria for it, and you do some personal training with mentors, company bonuses and tips, and a yearly income of $75k or higher.

    I really want to call in about this, but I'm not sure. If I can get a car I could totally do it, but I feel weird about it. Is that weird? It didn't have any specific age and I could talk to people and console and arrange things, I'm good at organizing.

    Now I'm rambling my thoughts out to here. Anyone have some advice? I sort of feel like it's a "sign" that I should at least call up about it, since how often do you randomly come across an add for a Funeral Arranger job? Haha.

    And I'm sorry I haven't posted much in a bit; it's getting to the last few weeks of school and I've gone into a sort of "I want to hide under a rock" mode with all the pressure of finding classes, finding a career to pursue, finding a part time job, and trying to find a goddang car. You guys remember those issues with my grandma and the car buying, right? Well imagine that times 100 and that's what I'm in NOW. Cannot into win...

    So I should be up and running when break comes along.

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