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Breaking Mom's Fashion Rules... Sorry!


    It seems I have an event to attend almost every weekend this coming summer...
    I've decided I'm breaking the rules!

    1. Mom says: "A floor length dress is only suitable for a black tie event!" 
    2. Mom says: "To all formal events you should wear high heals!"
    3. Mom says: "It isn't appropriate to wear your hair in a Pony tail to an occasion."
    4. Mom says: "Heavy eye make-up isn't lady like, it's for a 'working girl,' it's important to always look classy!"
    5. Mom says: "Red lipstick is only to be worn to winter events."
    This Summer I will be wearing Floor Length Dresses with Flats - Sorry Mom!
    Oh, and things have changed - A smokey eye is something we do on purpose now a days - it isn't "morning after" eyeliner that's be smudged all over from a crazy unlady-like night in the bedroom! When done right, it can look super classy!
    One last thing - Although I still wouldn't pair a dark smokey eye with red lips, I WOULD WEAR RED LIPS YEAR ROUND!!(For Summer Try Lift Cosmetics' 'Summer Solstice,' it's the perfect red for the summer months!!) You just have to choose the right red for the season. 
    And for the record, a good Pony Tail can look totally polished and classy! 

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